Hero – Grades 6-8 (Advanced/Audition Required)


Taught by D. Kim Clayton & Laurel Dowse

Rehearsals:  Thursdays, 4:00-7:00 pm

The regionally recognized performing group, “HERO”, is one of thirteen talented performing organizations at Clayton Productions.  This advanced level, boys and girls organization ranges in age from 12-15 years.  Each performer has been carefully selected through a difficult audition process because of his/her talents, commitment to excellence, and desire to share their musical gift with people of the world.

The repertoire of “HERO”, includes high‑energy song and dance routines that cover nearly every era and style.  Complex six-part harmony and advanced choreography are emphasized.

Performance locations of note:  The Seattle Center, River Walk, Alamo, Tower of the Americas, Dutton’s Theater in Branson, Andy Williams Theater in Branson, Branson Belle, Edmonds Arts Festival, 2002 Winter Olympics, to name a few.

Audition is required.