Synergy – Ages 17-26 (Semi-Professional/Audition)



The world‑renowned performing group, “SYNERGY!”, represents Clayton Productions worldwide as the premier showcase performing organization.  These 20 talented performers range in age from 17‑26 years.  Each performer has been carefully selected through a difficult audition process because of his or her talents, commitment to excellence, and desire to share their musical gift with people of the world.

Each touring season, Synergy produces a show entitled, A Voice to the World ‑ a 90 minute high‑paced song and dance variety show.  The title, A Voice to the World suggests to us that music truly is the universal language…a language that sees no boundaries, limitations, prejudices, or creeds.  It is a show for all ages, styles, backgrounds, and families.

 “SYNERGY!” has performed in countries such as: England, Scotland, Wales, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Philippines, Taiwan and Venezuela, to name a few.  

Audition required.  Check this website or call Clayton Productions at 801-304-5951 for audition schedule.